About Us

     Track Aero Consulting is a company that specializes in aerodynamic consulting for the production track car enthusiests with common aerodynamic devices. Our services are direct and to the point with upfront pricing and clear services rendered. Our extensive knowledge and data provides real world value so customers do not have to rely on the internet or the need to do full scale vehicle cfd or wind tunnel testing to achieve a good cooling and aerodynamic package.

     Track Aero Consulting was founded by industry leaders Albert Watson of Race Louvers and AJ Hartman of AJ Hartman Aero. Our backgrounds include but are not limited to comprehensive cfd simulation via former Mercedes F1 lead aerodynamisist JKF aero, extensive wind tunnel testing via both the A2 and Aerodyne wind tunnels as well as track tests on a multitude of aero components on a variety of vehicles. Our portfolio speaks for itself.