A2 Wind Tunnel Package

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A2 Wind Tunnel Package

Our wind tunnel option is for customers with production based track cars with existing aero looking for an indepth aero review and the wind tunnel experience. After purchasing our wind tunnel package customers will be emailed our advanced aero questionnaire to fill out with 60+ questions and upload vehicle pics. We then take a detailed look at your vehicle, go through the various components, recommend changes if needed and create a written report. We then create a google drive folder for your project and email you an access link to your report. Once any issues are addressed we will reserve the wind tunnel for a specific date and meet the customer at A2 wind tunnel in Mooresville NC. We will provide up to 2 hours of test time, supervise operations and conduct a post tunnel zoom consult. The main goal is a well balanced aero setup with maximum downforce, minimal drag and sufficient cooling.

Why use Track Aero Consulting when I can just go to the tunnel myself? First, you receive our advanced aero consulting package above which lets us look at your car prior to the tunnel and recommend a list of changes so that we are not wasting billable hours in the tunnel fixing basic issues that could be done ahead of time. Second, we devise a tunnel plan so that we can maximize the number of test runs within the two hour test session netting maximum data. Third, we will be on hand to supervise testing, interpret data run by run so that the right tests are run, again saving time in the tunnel. Fourth, we can get your car sorted within the 2 hours allotted. This keeps the typical 4-5 hour session first timers experience down to 2 hours as well as prevents the inevitable return trip many need to get the car sorted. Last, we provide a post tunnel zoom consult to review the data.

- Reduce laptimes
- Keep powertrain temperatures in check
- Once in a lifetime wind tunnel experience
- Adds resale value to your car

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